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"Police/military/sar working dogs at the tip of the spear inspire us to embody bravery, loyalty, and selflessness.” – founder k9x


Our name, K9X, blends "K9," signifying dogs who perform in law enforcement and military operations, and "X," denoting the challenging environments where these dogs showcase their exceptional skills and commitment. This name embodies the bravery, loyalty, and capabilities of our canine heroes.

Our founder (Ali Zeighani), who has devoted over two decades to law enforcement and currently a K9 handler, holds a deep appreciation for the incredible contribution these working dogs make. Throughout his career, he's seen the unwavering dedication and tireless effort these dogs pour into their work. This firsthand experience has not only changed how he sees life but has also taught him valuable lessons in patience, determination, and the importance of trust. The deep bond he shares with his dog serves as a constant source of inspiration, influencing not just his work but also his personal growth at a profound level.


Recognizing that some departments may, at times, face budgetary constraints and, regrettably, may not always prioritize their K9s' well-being or have access to crucial resources, our mission becomes profoundly significant.

Our founder's awareness of these challenges has fueled a passionate commitment to ensuring that crucial resources are provided. Having previously made personal donations to other non-profit groups throughout the years, the founder aspired to make a more significant impact, which ultimately led to the creation of K9X Fund.

When it comes to supporting our cause, there are various ways to show your support, such as buying a K9X hat, making a direct donation, or sharing the message with your friends and family. Each of these options plays a crucial role in demonstrating your support, and together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these dedicated working dogs.

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